Chief Executive Officer: Rahidzab Talib

He has more than 10 years’ experience of IT management. As a previous IT Director of Universiti Teknologi MARA Malaysia IT Department for six(6) years Rahidzab manages the IT Infrastructure, University Application Systems and IT Hardware & Software requirement teams who are servicing for 42 campuses nationwide, 18,000 academic and administrative staffs IT needs and 180,000 students IT facilities.

Rahidzab is an associate professor teaching undergraduate mathematics and C++ programming at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering with 20 years’ experiences of academic processes.

Rahidzab is leading Akari Softaware Asia Pacific based on contractual secondment. Rahidzab seats in the Ministry of Education Malaysia IT Steering Committee and the Chairman of Higher Education Infrastructure Committee Malaysia.

Chief Technology Officer: Ariza Nordin

Ariza has 15 years of industry experience in system development with a last position held as a Senior System Analyst in 2002. She starts teaching postgraduate database technology, Strategic Information System Planning and knowledge management system at the university since 2002. She has 13 years’ experiences in academic processes and has undertaken numerous strategic IT planning consultancy and system development jobs. The latest project completed in April 2015 is an document archiving system for Telecom Malaysia which involved seven (7) years of customer billing data migration from a UNIX proprietary archival system.

Ariza leads the Akari Softaware Asia Pacific technical team based on contractual secondment. Ariza is a fellow in Universiti Teknologi MARA Malaysia (UiTM) IT Department, the Project Director for the implementation of Academic Information Management System (AIMS) in UiTM involving Akari Software solution suite and she is member of the Higher Education Infrastructure Committee Malaysia.

With over 25 years’ experiences in IT, Ariza received her doctorate in Information Technology award from UiTM in 2011 in knowledge engineering research.

System Architect: ROZAIRI RAMLI

Rozairi started his career as Web Programmer 16 years ago and has undertaken and completed commercial projects for private sector in Malaysia paving his way from a programmer until he acquired a position as a senior manager.

Rozairi has a Master of Science in Information Technology, however his technical and management skillset is balance to enable him to provide both management and technical in a project.

System Architect: Suriyati Razali

Suriyati has been teaching undergraduates for 15 years for the information systems engineering programme. She has been a programme chair and has undertaken numerous academic administration positions to equip herself with a comprehensive knowledge of academic process and procedure. She leads research and consultancy project to understand and evaluate academic business processes.

Suriyati received her doctorate in Information Technology award from UiTM in 2013 in information system engineering research.

BUSINESS ANALYST: Ziraizratul Mohaini Mohamat

Zira has been an IT practitioner for more than 10 years. She has been a business analyst for academic process for UiTM and her most significant contribution is migration and development of the Student Information Management System for UiTM which is scalable to management the records of 180,000 students currently. She is the business analyst and has meticulously gather and analyse the academic process which includes course and programme design and approval,& assessment blueprint.
Zira is a graduate from the National University of Malaysia in information system management.


Gazairi has been an IT practitioner for more than 10 years. He has been an Oracle database administrator and database architect for UiTM projects and previously he worked for NEC Semiconductors.

His contribution in managing and administering the university student record database and the academic information management system database is significant. In addition he is responsible to ensure business continuity of all university application system and data quality.

Gazairi is a graduate from University Technology Malaysia in Computer Science (Information System).