Transforming the Curriculum Lifecycle

AKARI Software Asia Pacific Sdn Bhd (AKARI ) is incorporated in January 2015 based on strategic partnership with kindred spirit between Malaysia and Ireland. The setup offers technology solution as a game changer for education transformation in Asia Pacific region. It is an entity offering knowledge intensive business services to the education community. This incorporation leverages on enhanced partnership to embed and foster enterprising culture in Higher Education community .The joint venture set up embraces "Single Source of Truth (SSoT)" philosophy and the principle adhered is the "Don't Repeat Yourself (DRY)". The DRY principle guides the team to observe that every piece of knowledge must have principle advocates SSoT in software artifacts and other business services including documentations, architecture and design, test code, and source code.

21st Century Education Enterprise Solutions

AKARI Software Asia Pacific inherits expertise in providing enterprise solution for education from AKARI Software Ltd Ireland. It was established by experienced and capable professionals in collaboration between curriculum management solution industry player in Ireland and Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) knowledge workers. The company envisions being the globally trusted game changer of education transformation. The company's mission targets to deliver trusted solution in specialized area of:

01 Transforming your learning institution curriculum lifecycle
02 Enhancing educators, learners and administrators experience with lean portal and cross multi channel views of essentials: Demographics, Intake, Academic and Hospitality
03 Web-based Student Lifecycle Management System
04 Digital Entrepreneurship Platform in Higher Education
05 Requirement Engineering and Strategic IT Enterprise Architecture Consulting
06 Education IT Infrastructure Consultancy
07 STEM-i : Innovative Content for Science & Technology, Engineering and Mathematics