Business Services Overview

Curriculum Management System Akari Software develops curriculum development & management software for Higher Education Institutions. The software helps institutions design, manage and publish their curriculum while saving time and money on programme development, management and publication.
Student Lifecycle Management Student Lifecycle Management supports the administration of students for the full lifecycle from enquiry, through application and registration, to graduation, including alumni activity.
Digital Entrepreneurship Platform [email protected] is a web-based collaborative online platform to facilitate entrepreneurial talent with support, networks, development programs, co-working space and knowledge hub for University‚Äôs knowledge assets of entrepreneurship.
Innovative STEM Innovative STEM education produces exactly the kind of thinkers, innovators and problem solvers globally required.
Education IT Infrastructure Consultancy Education IT Infrastructure Consultancy.
Requirement Engineering and Strategic IT Enterprise Architecture Consulting Requirements Engineering and Strategic IT Enterprise Architecture Consulting

Solution Overview

Provides a flexible andcomprehensive solution for Higher Education Institutions in the creation, approval, maintenance and publication of their academic programmes
Provides institutions with customizable templates for the creation, development and publication of all relevant programmes and module (course)information for use in their corporate and or third party websites
Provides a user definable role-based workflow facility that manages workflow around approving changes to existing module and programmes including the addition of new courses (modules and programmes). It ensures adherence to institutional processes and compliance procedures.
Provides a planning tool to explore alternative delivery options in terms of both human and physical resources. When used in conjunction with Akari Document delivery costs per student for individual modules (courses) and programmes is possible.