Student Lifecycle Information System

Empowering Educational Institutions with Modern Solutions

Student Lifecycle Management System (SLiM) is a holistic and data-informed approach that enables an education institution to capture and manage the entire journey of a student from admission to graduation.

This cloud-based system brings academic staff, student and administrator on a single digital platform through a centralized, efficient and transparent system.

Wholistic Platform

SLiM enables student management from admission, curriculum, accounting, timetable, examinations, graduation and even student, activities throughout the journey.

Cost Saving

Education Institutions now will be able to save operational cost on managing student information. Everything is paperless.

Seamless Data Management

Everything is stored in cloud, data is realtime and easy to access. Delivering data from end-to-end.

Product Features

System environment

Curriculum Management Software Suite

SLiM Diagram-02

support system


  • Student Projection
  • Application
  • Selection
  • Offer Letter Generation
  • Student No. Generation
  • Student Registration
  • Assign sponsorship to student
  • Pre-setting sponsorship
  • Student Profile
  • Contact Information
  • Account Information
  • Parents Information
  • Student Qualification
  • Hostel Application
  • Hostel Selection
  • Registration/Check In
  • Hostel Clearance
  • Study Plan Assignment
  • Course Registration
  • Credit Exemption
  • Credit Transfer
  • Program Change
  • Student Advisor
  • Professional ID Update
  • Student Status Update
  • Grading and Validation
  • Calculation of Points
  • Examination Status Update
  • Analysis and Statistic
  • Registration
  • Student Activity Update
  • Activity Certificate
  • Student Disciplinary Update
  • Disciplinary Action
  • Completion Certificate
  • Exit Award Certificate
  • Transcript
  • Application
  • Selection
  • Alumni / Alumni Information Update